Saturday, February 27, 2010

New faces and spaces!

I've decided to move this blog to a new space, wordpress so I can manage it easier and customize it better.  Please follow along with me!
Let's Review

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tax Time

Well, it's that time again...

I know that people are encouraged to go to Turbo Tax and do their own taxes but I've been going to my local H&R Block office for about three years now.  (That would be in Belmont, MA off Trapelo Road.)

Between always having some sort of confusion with holding more than one job or going to school, or oh I don't know...becoming unemployed I've taken the easy, but costly, way out and had someone deal with my tax issues.  Personally, I probably would not have known to put in that I have an EZ Pass transponder, who knew you could potentially get money back for that!  I digress, I've been going to the same person for about three years now, James Cassidy.  He's always done a great job and made sure I get as much money back as possible.

I know taxes are no fun but I gotta tell ya, getting back anything is pretty fantastic, especially when you are putting all your bets on this in order to pay off your credit cards and student bills!  So I have to say, today has been a pretty lucrative day for yours truly!

So...let's review...
1. If you are lazy like me about your taxes then go to H&R Block.
2. If you happen to live in or around Belmont I would highly recommend James Cassidy.  I'm sure anyone in the Belmont office is great but I have only interacted with him.
3. Don't forget to mention you have an EZ Pass!

Until the next review!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Outside the Quaker state. Syracuse, NY

This weekend I found myself on a visit to Syracuse.  One of my favorite parts was seeing a lot more snow than here in Mass.

Valentines day happened to fall on the same day as a very important basketball game and hence some sort of festivity had to take place, preferably in a bar, with plenty of chairs and tables and most definitely TV's.  Apparently the Quaker Steak and Lube wing restaurant has expanded to the Syracuse region.  The name sounded familiar but I couldn't remember why. As we drove off the off ramp I remembered that many years ago during a road trip with a couple of friends we happened to stop at the original Quaker Steak and Lube in Pennsylvania.  If you are looking for some hot hot wings then you should google this place and drive on over. Careful, there is a Lube sauce so hot that you need to sign a waiver!  The walls and ceiling were adorned with motorcycles, snow mobiles and other "manly" things.

After having the O-Ring Ontenna, an antenna with onion rings and pretzels along with some mozzarella sticks and fried pickles; I ordered The Boneless wing salad to keep things on the light side.  It came with some chicken that you could order in any level of hotness, I went with the Cajun and although the rub was spicy I know I could have gone higher on the Scovile Heat Unit scale.

No doubt, you must be looking for beer.  NO worries, you can either order a bucket of 5 beers for $10 or a so called "Lube Tube" which gives you about 12-14 beers.
On your way out, don't' forget to take a picture in their "bucket of fun" poster! You'll know what I mean...

So...let's review...
1. Check out the Quaker Steak and Lube website to see if there is one nearby and drop by for some wings and beer.
2. Have enough men with you? Order them the Lube Tube!
3. If you plan on having the Atomic wings, maybe you should order a glass of milk.

Until the next review!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Neiman Marcus' Spring Fling! Boston, MA

Neiman Marcus pulled it off again, their annual spring fling!
The first Hello Stiletto shoe event I ever went to was Kentucky Derby themed at Neiman Marcus for their spring fling.  We sipped on mint juleps and enjoyed all the expensive shoes around us.

This time the theme was Valentines day and everyone was encouraged to wear their finest red heels.
I wished I was in a good enough situation that I could splurge on my very first pair of Louboutin's because they are just so perfect this season.  Girl's, the latest trends are: blue shoes are a must and wedge heels are absolutely still in.  Got any exotic shoes with leopard skin?  Bring those out too!
So, all in all, this event was truly another success and the Neiman Marcus staff was excellent.  Vicky and Gordon were running around helping the ladies try on and purchase some new trendy shoes.    As per usual, there were some gifts to be given out. Three lucky ladies won Manolo Blahnik shoe paintings, painted by his truly.  From what I heard, the Neiman Marcus at Copley has the biggest selection of his shoes.  Now, please enjoy some new shoes!

So...let's review...
1. As I've said before, sign up for the shoe club and get out with your girlfriends for fun and exciting events.
2. Make sure to wear your funnest shoes, you never know, you may win a prize as well!

Until the next review!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sunapee for Me! Newbury, NH

I hopped in my car and unfortunately timed my departure for the slopes rather poorly, hence hitting the morning rush hour traffic.  Once I got on 93, it was smooth sailing. The radio stations got prey sparse up on 89 so country music it was, 93.3 The Wolf!

Even on a Wednesday the front lot at Mount Sunapee was already filled due to the 2-for-1 deal.  I geared up headed to the ticketing office.  Thank you Suffolk ID for getting me a cheaper rate for the day of skiing ahead of me!  I decided to do the green trails first just to warm up.  That fist run of the day is like the first warm day of spring for me.  You feel so free, the smell of the snow and clean air is all around you, you just can't help but smile.

Two runs in I was ready to head to the blue squared trails.  I decided I'd try to do 20 runs that day.  Unfortunately the cold got to me and by run 6 I had to head in and warm up.  By run 9 I couldn't help but think about how cold my entire body was.  By this time I had moved my car to the front lot and was able to quickly add another layer, grab my soup and change into my snowboarding boots.

I headed over to the learning area to get a few practice runs in because I am by no means at all good at this sport.  After two runs I couldn't take how slow the Flying Carpet was and decided that I might as well head over to the green runs.  If I am meant to fall, I'll fall anyway.  Luckily the first run was flawless and I got a little over confident and was brought back to reality when I took a big hit on my second run.  It was getting to be 3:30 and and I decided to head on home.

It was very relaxing to think about nothing but making sure I don't fall instead of thinking about how no one was answering my applications.

So...let's review...
1. If you want to ski but don't want to drive for three hours, head to Mount Sunapee.  It's only 90 minutes away from Boston!
2. Look for budget friendly tickets. Mount Sunapee has discounts for pretty much every weekday and for every age group.
3. Take a break and really enjoy the winter before it's gone!

Until the next review!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The New Champions. Copley Marriott, MA

No, I'm not talking about the future champions of the Winter Olympics but instead the swanky new Champions bar and restaurant that is the outcome of the huge remodel project in the Copley Marriott.  I actually wasn't even aware that they moved, all I knew was that Starbucks was now in a new spot.

I decided to go into the city today to see if I could pick up a shirt I liked from Arden B and I wanted to meet up with my "brother" Adam for lunch before he leaves for Seattle again.  I wasn't too hungry, as per usual, and the food court wasn't really calling our name.  Adam suggested going to Champions so we were on our way.  I thought we'd have to go back outside into the snowy mess but was pleasantly surprised to see that the bar had moved to the upstairs area of the Marriott.  I had never been to the old location but really love the new one.

There are TONS of TV's for the men to watch any and all ESPN channels, there is even a giant screen onto which they project football games.  There is also more than enough people watching you can do, I'd suggest sitting in the main bar area.
If you are looking for a wide selection of beer in the middle of the mall, once again, this is the place to be.  As for food, they have the regular bar food, such as nacho's pretzels, sliders, onion rings, the list goes on.  You can also have a healthy salad or soup if you're still sticking to your new years resolution!

I opted for the award wining clam chowder, which I did enjoy...although I wish it was a little creamier and denser, but the taste was great.  Adam ordered some soft pretzels for us to share and chicken fingers for himself.  When the meal came out I was very happy I didn't order more food.  Each pretzel was larger than our heads, so needless to say, you get a lot of food for your buck.

So...let's review...
1. Is you guy looking to catch up on some sports while you shop?  Drop him off at Champions
2. You may also be the designated driver due to the extensive beer list from which your guy may pick from while watching his sports sports sports
3. While you wait for a game to end, grab some grub.  You won't pay too much but you'll certainly walk away satisfied and full.  Enjoy!

Until the next review

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Spoon Full of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down. Sugar Bakery. West Roxbury, MA

If you haven't come out to West Roxbury, the Sugar Bakery should be reason enough to get in your car and take a little road trip to Centre Street.

My suggestion would be to make this your lunch time plan as the bakery is very conveniently attached to the Real Deal Deli.  I've had the Boneless Buffalo Sub which was amazing.  There are two sizes, a small and a large.  Unless you haven't eaten for several days or plan on having your sub for lunch and dinner I would suggest getting the small.  You can also pick from wraps and paninis as well as a bunch of plates that you can get for your super bowl party!
But, back to the bakery.  You can get anything from gourmet cupcakes, cakes, cinnamon rolls and cookies to a flat tire which is only $1.  You should also keep in mind that breakfast baked goods are half price after 3pm!

Needless to say, there isn't enough I can say about this bakery and I truly look forward to eating my apple and walnut turnover.

So...let's review...
1. Haven't been to West Roxbury yet?  I think it's time to get some sugar.
2. Stop at the Real Deal Deli for a snack or a full on lunch.
3. Looking for a bargain on your baked goods?  Stop by after 3pm and get the morning's breakfast items for half off at the Sugar Bakery.

Until the next review!