Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sunapee for Me! Newbury, NH

I hopped in my car and unfortunately timed my departure for the slopes rather poorly, hence hitting the morning rush hour traffic.  Once I got on 93, it was smooth sailing. The radio stations got prey sparse up on 89 so country music it was, 93.3 The Wolf!

Even on a Wednesday the front lot at Mount Sunapee was already filled due to the 2-for-1 deal.  I geared up headed to the ticketing office.  Thank you Suffolk ID for getting me a cheaper rate for the day of skiing ahead of me!  I decided to do the green trails first just to warm up.  That fist run of the day is like the first warm day of spring for me.  You feel so free, the smell of the snow and clean air is all around you, you just can't help but smile.

Two runs in I was ready to head to the blue squared trails.  I decided I'd try to do 20 runs that day.  Unfortunately the cold got to me and by run 6 I had to head in and warm up.  By run 9 I couldn't help but think about how cold my entire body was.  By this time I had moved my car to the front lot and was able to quickly add another layer, grab my soup and change into my snowboarding boots.

I headed over to the learning area to get a few practice runs in because I am by no means at all good at this sport.  After two runs I couldn't take how slow the Flying Carpet was and decided that I might as well head over to the green runs.  If I am meant to fall, I'll fall anyway.  Luckily the first run was flawless and I got a little over confident and was brought back to reality when I took a big hit on my second run.  It was getting to be 3:30 and and I decided to head on home.

It was very relaxing to think about nothing but making sure I don't fall instead of thinking about how no one was answering my applications.

So...let's review...
1. If you want to ski but don't want to drive for three hours, head to Mount Sunapee.  It's only 90 minutes away from Boston!
2. Look for budget friendly tickets. Mount Sunapee has discounts for pretty much every weekday and for every age group.
3. Take a break and really enjoy the winter before it's gone!

Until the next review!

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